Welcome to Gutulia National park!

In Norway’s smallest national park, visitors will find primeval forests consisting of giant spruce and pine trees that have been growing for centuries.


Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim
E: sftlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Siberian jay.

About the National Park

Gutulia is home to primeval forests where there are giant spruce and pine trees that are centuries old. These forests provide habitat for a diverse insect and plant life. In contrast to the primeval forest, visitors can experience the open cultural landscape at Gutulisetra.


Experience Gutulia

Would you like to explore the old forest? Hike to the top of Gutulivola mountain? Experience the historic mountain farms?

Persons hiking.
Visitor Center Femundsmarka and Gutulia.

The Visitor Center

Why are dead trees full of life? Why is the Southern Sámi culture dependent on domesticated reindeer? And how old is the old forest? Visitors can get answers to these questions and many more at the Visitor Center.
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There is an approach to Gutulia National Park next to Gutulisjøen lake in Engerdal. Here, you can access valuable information before visiting Gutulia.

Woman on a hike in the forest.

Advice when visiting

Everyone is welcome in Gutulia, but remember to take care of nature! Show consideration for bird and animal life, and do not leave any traces behind.


Travel and accommodation

Gutulia is located between Drevsjø and Elgå, east of Femunden and on the border with Sweden. There is a public transport route from Elverum in Innlandet county.

Person hiking near Gutulisetra.
Title Address Description
Besøkssenter nasjonalpark
5W8V+6H Elgå, Norge
Gutulisjøen innfallsport
Unnamed Road, 2443 Drevsjø, Norge
Sti til nasjonalparken og Gutulisetra
Unnamed Road, 2443 Drevsjø, Norge

Where is Gutulia located?

Gutulia National Park is located south of Femundsmarka, right next to the Swedish border in Engerdal municipality.

How do I get there?

Visitors can travel by car to the approach next to Gutulisjøen lake. Read more under travel and accommodation.

Visitor centre

The Femundsmarka and Gutulia National Park Visitor Center is located in Elgå. Read more about the Visitor Center


The approach is located next to Gutulisjøen lake. From there, it is a 3 km walk to the national park. Read more about the approach here

National parks in the vicinity

Femundsmarka National Park, Fulufjellet National Park and Forollhogna National Park.

The Right to Roam – joys and obligations

Everyone is welcome in Gutulia, but remember to take care of nature! Show consideration for bird and animal life, and do not leave any traces behind. You are nature’s guest when you visit the national park. The Right to Roam allows us to travel freely. Nevertheless, you are obligated to show consideration so that animals and plants are not harmed or disturbed. Leave nature the way you want to find it.

Welcome to Gutulia, take care of nature


Save the trees! The trees in the national park are protected; this also applies to the old, dry pines. These are often referred to as ‘gadd’. These old trees characterize the area, and the dead trees are home to many rare animal and plant species.

Campfires.. Visitors are permitted to use wood that is found on the ground. Remember that campfires are prohibited during the period from April 15 to September 15. However, campfires are permitted when there is no obvious risk of the fire spreading. Do not make new fire pits, use the existing ones.

Trash must not be left or burned in the national park, visitors must take it with them when they leave and dispose of it properly. Feel free to pick up any trash that you find on your way.

Go wherever you want,, on foot or on skis. We appreciate you taking care when visiting the park so that you leave no trace when the next visitors come to the area. Wildlife is particularly vulnerable to disturbance during the calving and breeding season in the spring.

Taking a break. Some species in Gutulia are particularly vulnerable to disturbance during certain periods of the year. Many vulnerable species nest near watercourses and marshes.

You may bring your dog along on your trip, but remember to keep it on a leash between 1 April to 20 August. Make sure that your dog does not disturb the domesticated reindeer when you are passing through their grazing areas. Small, cute dogs can also cause harm.

Drones can disturb wildlife and other users of the national park and are therefore prohibited unless special permission has been granted.

Feel free to pick berries and mushrooms, but leave trees and plants alone. The national park is home to several rare plant species that are difficult to identify.

Remember that fishing licenses are required, and you may also need to inform the landowner. Only moose hunting is permitted in the national park.