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Experience Gutulia

Would you like to explore the old forest? Hike to the top of Gutulivola mountain? Experience the historic mountain farms?


Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim
E: sftlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Sunlight through trees.
Nature hike in Gutulia.

The nature and adventure trail

From Gutulisetra, visitors can follow a 1.5 km long nature and adventure trail that has over 20 activity posts. Along the trail, you will find giant spruce trees, wolf lichen, different animals that live in the area and various cultural monuments. Keep your eyes open and look for birds in the trees. The rest of the national park does not have any adapted trails. This means that visitors can go exploring in ancient and untouched forests.


Beautiful Gutulisetra is located at the southeast end of Gutulisjøen lake. Here, visitors will also find the three mountain pastures called Nedpåvollen, Oppåvollen and Lillebovollen. During the summer season, visitors can enjoy a simple dining service at the old mountain farm.

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From the mid-1750s, the people from the farms at Lillebo and Sorken brought their animals here to graze every summer. This type of mountain farming continued right up to 1949. From 1975 to 1983, the 16 log buildings were restored using old craftsmanship traditions. ‘Ostebua’ at Oppåvollen is an open cabin where visitors can take a break. Hosts have been running Gutulisetra for more than 20 years. These hosts are present throughout the summer season and are helpful in answering any questions you may have about the area. Coffee and waffles can also be purchased here. The old, well-kept and sunburnt log buildings provide a special atmosphere and many great photo opportunities. At the uppermost mountain farm called Oppåvollen, a small exhibition of texts and pictures about life at the farms has been made that documents 200 years of operation.

Persons hiking by Gutulisetra.
Person hiking in old forest

Hiking in the deep forests

The national park does not have any adapted trails. This means that visitors can go exploring in ancient and untouched forests. Many of the trees are huge and have been around for centuries!

Many interesting species can be found in the old forests. Everything from witch’s hair lichen hanging on the trees, to dead trees on the ground that are bustling with life. Visitors will experience a special atmosphere when wandering through forests like this; only the sound of the black woodpecker or seeing the curious Siberian jay.

Summit trip to Gutulivola mountain

Would you like to experience the great views of Gutulia and the surrounding areas? At a height of 949 masl, Gutulivola mountain is located just 2 km from Gutulisetra.

From the top, you can see all the way to Femundsmarka in the north, over to Sweden in the east and towards Sølen in the west. The trail starts at Gutulisetra and takes you through the old forest on a steady climb up to the summit. On the way there, it is nice to experience the great views from Ørnhammeren.

Woman hiking.
Trout fish.


Trout can be found in several lakes in and around the national park. There are also eastern species such as whitefish, grayling, perch, pike and burbot in the adjacent watercourses. These are species that have migrated to the area from Swedish watercourses. If you bring your fishing rod along, it is possible to try your luck at fishing in Valsjøen lake which is located in an area east of Gutulivola mountain.

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